I’m from Australia but I live in England. The move was only supposed to be for a year but now I have kids with English accents and if we moved back they’d get pummelled. I’m a core writer of the three time Bafta nominated show The Last Leg but if I have a heart it’s in stand up.  My favourite gigs are those in shitty clubs on a Tuesday night in front of fellow losers. I’ve played to full houses over the last two Edinburgh Fringe’s with my shows ‘How Not To Kill Yourself When Living In The Suburbs’ and the follow up ‘Stuck In The Suburbs With You.’ I’m currently working up new gear for the next show and hope to record an album soon. 

Other facts about me: I have a long torso, small feet and bulbous arse. At 6 foot 4 I look like the worlds tallest dwarf. I grew up in Adelaide, Australia and spent my youth riding a BMX and avoiding serial killers.  (Apparently Adelaide is the serial killer capital of the world. A fact that may not be true but one I mention at parties.) My childhood was like a scene from ET except ET drove a white van and he wouldn't let you phone home.  At one point in my life I was a qualified nurse. I studied by correspondence during the day but quickly realised, sick people shit me.  It turns out Nurses really are special people and I’m not one of them. I don't like cats or dogs, I prefer camels… but only those with one hump. No one likes a camel with a back up plan.  Every second year I update the 'about me' section of my website with varying degrees of success.