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Every two years or so I spruce up the About Me section in a vain attempt to come across as more interesting than I actually am. ‘I regularly have lunch with Sting,’ is the kind of update I’d like to give you. ‘Got into a fist fight with Larry David’… ‘Helped James Cordon get off carbs,’ that kind of thing. But unfortunately neither Sting nor Larry, will return my calls and Cordon is still mad for a croissant. Can you blame him? All we have is pastry. 

The best way to get to know me is to either watch my stand-up, buy my soon to be on-sale book or sign up to my email.


I'm an Australian living in the UK, a husband, a dad, writer, stand up-comic, wearer of hats and lover of ice-cream.  I'm over a hundred trillion cells just trying to figure it all out.  . 

In 2007 I was one of three comics chosen to represent Australia in Last Comic Standing which means I sold my soul to NBC for two grand and the chance to weep alone in the desert. I’ve done a number of solo shows:

Humans Anonymous (2008)

Adamland (2009)

Vital Signs (2010)

Dad Feet (2011)

Judgmental (2015)

How Not To Kill Yourself when living In The Suburbs (2017)

Stuck In The Suburbs With You (2018) 


They were all fun to write and create and went to various festivals around the world. How Not To Kill Yourself When Living In The Suburbs won best comedy show at the Buxton Fringe before heading the Edinburgh festival and playing to full houses.

In 2012,  I landed a writing gig on a show called, The Last Leg, which went on to get nominated for Bafta’s, win various awards and helped put shoes on my kid's feet. Late last year I decided to walk away from that job, to focus on my own projects. 

According to a contract I signed with Pegasus Publishing my first book, How Not To Kill Yourself When Living In The Suburbs, will be on sale later in 2023. 


I think that’s about all the About Me I can muster. Obviously I have many other qualities and foibles but let’s save those for when we have lunch. Who knows, maybe Sting will be there? Do you think his friends call him Sting? ‘Hey Sting, can you please pass the salt?’ ‘Hey Sting, how do you like your steak?’ Surely they’re not calling him Gordon? If you know the man, could you please help me solve this mystery. Is it, Gordon, or is it, Sting? If I find out I’ll let you know in two years time, at my next spruce up. 

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