Every two years or so I update the About Me section in a vein attempt to come across as more interesting than I actually am. ‘I regularly have lunch with Sting’ is the kind of update I’d like to give you. ‘Got into a fist fight with Larry David’… ‘Helped James Cordon get off carbs’ that kind of thing. But unfortunately neither, Sting nor Larry, will return my calls and, Cordon, is mad for a croissant. So bare with me as I spruce up my reality. 


Righto, about me:


In 2007 I was one of three comics chosen to represent Australia in NBCs, Last Comic Standing. The following year I performed my solo show Humans Anonymous at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. After seeing my show, Adam Hills, was so impressed he offered to produce my next solo show. What a legend! He actually went on to produce my next three festival shows, Adamland, Vital Signs and Dad Feet. In 2011 my wife and I decided to move to the UK with our nine month old son. It was a risky career move but it paid off when, in early 2012, I got a random email asking if I wanted to write for, Adam Hills, for two weeks on a Paralympic show called, The Last Leg. Of course I jumped at the chance but never would have guessed that I’d still be working on it ten years and three time Bafta nominations later. My other writing credits include celebrity 15-1, Stand Up to Cancer and, In Gordon Street Tonight with Adam Hills (ABC). 


I also have a book coming out! They say write about what you know, well I took that note and wrote about a sun swept Australian man who is forced by love and money to raise his children in the drizzly commuter town of Bedford. It’s my first novel and is a light hearted comedy jaunt called, How Not To Kill Yourself When Living In The Suburbs. It goes on sale in the first half of 2023 and my mortgage thinks you should buy a copy.


I think that’s about all the About Me I can muster. Obviously I have many other qualities and foibles but let’s save those for when we meet for lunch. Who knows, maybe, Sting, will be there? Do you think his friends call him, Sting? ‘Hey, Sting, can you please pass the salt?’ ‘Hey, Sting, how do you like your steak?’ Surely his friends are calling him, Gordon?  If you know the man could you please help me solve this mystery. Is it, Gordon, or is it, Sting? If I find out I’ll let you know in two years time, at my next spruce up.